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Accessible Training to Small Businesses and The Voluntary Sector

 Our Philosophy


TRAINING should not be exclusively available to the rich multi-Nationals. Small businesses and  voluntary sector organisations should also have access.

Is This You?



"I run a Small business. What I enjoy the most is being out there on the shop floor getting my hands dirty. Now I find myself sitting in an office, carrying out managerial tasks such as appraisals, budget forecasts, quotes and running meetings".





"We don't have the budget to train staff in areas other than those that are specific to our service users. We would love to provide management training to our staff to improve their communication skills, but don't want it to impinge on the services we provide."

 Our Clients


WE work with Small Business and Voluntary Organisations (minimum of 2 employees) based in Warwickshire and the Midlands, to provide training at affordable prices.


To Contact Us:


Phone: 01926 480901


E-Mail: info@mjmts.co.uk


Web: www.mjmts.co.uk


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WE know our course fees are the best on the market. Not only that, we can negotiate with you to arrive at a price that suits you, without having to compromise on quality.


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