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Communication Courses


Fundamental Presentation Skills

More demand is being placed on staff to present work, reports or findings to management, or external bodies. That’s why we developed a basic presentation skills course designed to suit those new to presenting and to help conquer those fears of public speaking. This is a one-day course.



Advanced Presentation Skills

This two-day course is designed to give existing presenters the ability to deliver effective, and professional presentations by developing existing skills. We equip your staff with the expertise necessary to carry out quality presentations and to deliver them to a range of personnel.


Report Writing

This one-day course is designed for staff that create and present reports as part of their normal work duties. It will provide beneficial practices to enable delegates to Prepare and present a written report to a professional standard.

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Dealing With Difficult people

A one-day course designed for anyone who has deal to with people as part of their daily work and would like to be able to manage relationships better and understand what motivates difficult people


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Customer Care

A one-day course designed for staff who deal with customers as part of their daily work. The course focuses on communication skills, building rapport and questioning and listening techniques.

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