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Training is crucial to any organisation. It brings knowledge, confidence and motivation to those that attend. It permeates around your organisation


What You Gain


When a staff member returns to their workplace they start putting the things they have learnt from the course into practice and it tends to rub off on others. They will probably now coach their staff using new techniques. You have not just trained one staff member, but many throughout your workplace.




Employee Retention


The number of employers experiencing retention difficulties has climbed from 69% in last year’s survey to 78% in this year’s survey. Private sector businesses claim to be struggling more to hold on to employees than any of the other sectors (83%). The most frequently cited actions taken by organisations to address retention was increasing learning and development opportunities (38%), improving the induction process (36%) and improved selection techniques (35%).*


*Source: CIPD Annual survey report 2007, Recruitment, Retention and Turnover 




All those who attend training return to their workplace feeling motivated and more importantly, valued. This cannot be underestimated. You as a company invest in your staff and need to know that you will get a long term commitment from them. Research shows that staff who feel valued have a tendency to remain at their workplace longer than those who don’t.

Where do we train?


We carry out our training on your premises, when you want it, so that we can keep our course fees below the market rate. We can however find a suitable location near you at a negotiated fee. Our experience shows that staff who train at their own premises feel more relaxed and also helps reduce disruption in the workplace. Just take a look through our courses and then use the contact page and we’ll do the rest.

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